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Genner Sales Europe and Ireland has been serving the UK, Eire (Ireland) and mainland Europe for many years. Genner Sales Europe and Ireland is renowned for innovation and tenacity.

Locally, orders for our UK based Telford computer repair business are usually generated via recommendations. Nationally and internationally, we run a number of services such as UK Antipiracy, USA Anti Piracy and Report Knockoffs (USA).

Genner Sales Europe News Publicity Agency

Genner Sales Europe and Ireland is now a European News Publicity Agency (Genner Sales Europe has been rebranded as a European News Media Publicist service).

Genner Communications has also launched dedicated UK news media publicist services and USA news media publicist services with webpages which allow members of the public to protect a photo before sale, submit a story to news media, sell a story to news media, sell a photo to news media, sell a video to UK news media and access to a secure whistleblowing service.

The above services are also provided via our UK Antipiracy operations. Please refer to; sell a news story safely, sell a news photo safely, sell a news video, safe whistle blowing, submit a news story and photo protection service.

Genner Communications Europe and Eire will accept photos, news stories and videos from members of the public. We will backup these documents and log copyright details through our Anti Piracy service before offering them to Irish, European, UK and international newspapers, magazines and TV.

This obviously provides the highest possible level of security and peace of mind.

Meanwhile, we are known for having originally developed the Computer Reinstallation Disks market. We closed this service on 6th June 2016 and are currently "winding down the operation". Naturally we will fully honour all orders and continue to provide the highest level of support. However; when our current stock of disks are gone, they will be gone forever.

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